ALT Summit 2014: Perspective from a Newbie and FAVES

Hey Guys! I just returned from the infamous ALT Summit in Salt Lake City last night. And man, am I ever tired! As a newbie on the blogging scene, I must admit it was a tad bit intimidating, but I … Continue reading

What to do with all of that Spaghetti Squash? Make a Casserole of Course…

Hi Guys! I saw this yummy looking spaghetti squash at our local grocery store the other day and it sparked an interest. I have never used a spaghetti squash myself, yes I know, with all of my culinary expertise one … Continue reading

Entertaining Fall Style – A Little Gold Whimsy To Treat Your Guests

So, you are throwing a party this fall season and you think, hmm… what should my décor be?! (that’s only a natural first question of course). You say you like whimsy animal themes? Well, I am here to help, let … Continue reading

Everything Tastes Better with Feta – Super Easy Vegetable Quiche

Hey Guys! On Saturday morning I decided to treat ma familia to a lovely quiche breakfast. We had some veggies to use up and a frozen pie crust in the freezer, so I was all set. My hubby loves quiche … Continue reading

Zuchinni Bread Meets the Chocolate Chip

Last week our lovely neighbor brought over the BIGGEST zucchini I have ever seen. It provided ample  jokes for my husband and I for a week ;) So, what to do with zucchini? Umm, yeah.. of course.. make zucchini bread! … Continue reading

Let the good times roll in LO

Hope you guys have had an amazing weekend and your Sunday was a blast! Brandon was gone all week on a business trip to San Fran and I was SO looking forward to his return on Saturday. He came home late that night and we … Continue reading