Corn on the Cob Made on the Electric Grill

Hi Guys! So, we, the Wicks, are proud owners of the Char-Broil Patio Bistro Electric Grill! We can’t say enough good things about this little guy. And no you didn’t misread my sentence, we are proud owners of an electric grill, by choice :)

Patio Electric Grill Why all the Fuss

And over the weekend we went to our favorite produce stand, Krueger’s, and picked up some sweet corn. I wanted to make the corn to go along with some BBQ chicken and I didn’t feel like boiling them, so what to do? Yup, grill it!

Here is How it’s Done:

1) DON’T Husk your Corn. Keep it in it’s natural state, so the kernels will steam in the husk.

Why all the Fuss Corn on the Grill

2) Preheat your Electric Grill to around 350 Degrees F.

3) Place Corn on the Grill.

corn on Electric Grill Why all the Fuss

4) Cover and Cook for 25 minutes. During the cooking time, make sure to turn your corn over and watch out for the silk catching fire (sounds dangerous I know, but it’s worth it :) Also, as you open the lid, the temperature will drop, so this is why 25 minutes is required to make sure it gets steamed enough. The electric grill temperature goes up and down quite quickly, so you will probably be anywhere from 325-375 as you are cooking.

Why all the Fuss Corn Electric Grill

5) After 25 minutes of cooking remove corn from the grill.

Why all the Fuss Corn on Electric Grill

6) Wait until it cools down a bit and peel off the husk.

Remove Husk Corn on Cob Electric Grill

7) Season it to your liking, we like just butter and salt. Now it’s time to enjoy your yummy corn on the cob!

Why all the Fuss Corn on the Cob

Why all the Fuss Corn on the Cob

There you have it! It’s so SO easy to cook corn on the cob on the grill, the Electric grill that is :) Do you grill your corn? How do you do it? Do you season it before hand?

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