Elephant Creamer Meets the Succulent

Hi Guys! I think most of you know I work for Anthropologie, but for those new to Why All the Fuss, it’s true, I work there :) So, a couple of months ago I rolled into the store and the visual team was placing this adorable Ellie the Elephant Creamer on one of our found object tables. I went all weak in the knees and it was all over for me,  I instantly fell in love.

We are changing the color scheme of our kitchen to Black, White, Gold and Mint. This elephant creamer has become a major player in our kitchen and not in the way you might think, like serving milk for your coffee. So, what to do with a ceramic creamer? Make it a planter of course! ha! I have been smitten with succulents and air plants this season and I have been planting them all around me! And this was one of my favorite plant moves all summer! Without further ado, here are some photos of the method to my creamer madness.

Ellie Creamer Anthropologie

Ellie Creamer Anthropologie

Ellie Creamer Anthropologie

Why All the Fuss Planter Succulent

Ellie Creamer

Why All the Fuss Ellie Creamer Kitchen

This last picture is of our little nook in our kitchen. My husband was a master in painting this Black and White stripe wall for us. It took quite a bit of time to measure and ensure the lines were straight. I loved him even more when it was complete, it really is a WOW feature in the our kitchen!

There you have it guys! The succulent is happy in its new habitat and I am so smitten with it! What have you planted your plants in this summer?



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