Lombard Food Carts I think I Love You!

Hi Guys! This past Saturday we had a family yard sale, which we did pretty well all things considering (I was so unorganized and not ready for our first customers). I advertised no early birds, but I guess the Portland Yard Sale gang didn’t get the message :)

With the sweet success behind us, the best part of the day was when Brandon’s parents took Amelia to stay the night with them! So, what did that mean? Yup, date night with the hubs! Shall we take a sneak peek into what we were up to on our fun filled evening with out child?!

WATF Date Night

From our house we walked to the Lombard Street Food Carts and took in this amazing view along the way:

Train over Lombard Street

We had the best evening out and about in our neighborhood. We tasted some Red wine and Captured by Porches beer from the St. Johns Beer Porch out of mason jars. We devoured Pulled Pork BBQ, Burgers and Fries from Che Café Food Cart and boy was that tasty! Also in the porch area is Farm Food, the Grind Coffee, Paiku, and Chowdah (which we ate at before and the cheese steaks are insane! ).

Here are some images from our night out on the town:

St Johns Beer Porch

Che Cafe

Che Café

Che Cafe

Che Cafe Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwich and Fries

WATF Burger from Che Cafe

 Paiku Food Cart

Processed with Rookie

After Dinner and Drinks, we stopped by the Krugers Farm Stand, which is conveniently right next door,  for our weekly Produce purchase:

Krugers Farm Lombard Street

 Krugers Farm Stand Lombard Street

Krugers Farm Stand Lombard Street

Processed with Rookie

There you have it guys! A crazy night out on the town for the Wicks! It was so fun to explore our little neighborhood and appreciate what it has to offer! I think we’re gonna like it here (in North Portland)! And aren’t these wicker baskets from Ghana cool?

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