Love Wallpaper, but don’t want the hassle? Paint a Triangle Pattern Wall!

Hi Everyone! Today I want to talk TRIANGES, a triangle wall to be exact. As most of you know, we moved to our new “old” home a couple of months ago and we have been deep in the mix of project after project after project. Sometimes that project list seems never ending! Coming from a newer home to an older one has been a big change for us, but a welcomed one for sure.

I wanted to finally share a sneak peak at our bedroom and where we started and where we are today. Granted there is still work to be done, like finding the right curtains, bedding, and overall décor for the walls, but I think its finished enough to reveal!

Here is what our room looked like when we moved in:

Master Bedroom 2


Amazingly awful right?! Well, we knew it had potential and could see through the old carpet and two layers of wall paper! With a lot of hard work, wall paper remover, pulling up the carpets and finding perfect flooring, ridding of the curtains, painting, etc. Our Master Bedroom now looks like this:


Of course my first place of inspiration was to scour pintrest and I found a lot of amazing ideas for bedrooms. But, I decided that I loved the look of wallpaper, but after removing 2 layers of it, I could never see myself in a million years putting that stuff up on the wall. So, what better way to give it that wallpaper look than with paint?! I found an amazing Mod Triangle Pattern from Olive Leaf Stencils on Etsy. She has some seriously amazing patterns to choose from and who knew it could be so easy to transform your space?!

Here are a couple of photos from during the process:

I want to reassure you this process is easy! It looks amazing, but I swear I am not the best at projects, and if I can do this, anyone can!

All you need are the following tools:

  • Stencil
  • Foam Roller(s) (I bought a multi pack because I stopped and started quite a few times)
  • Paint  (I used Valspar Perfect Storm)
  • Paint tray or plate to get excess paint off
  • Wet paper towels
  • Painters Tape

How to Stencil:

  • Lay your stencil out with something heavy on top to flatten it out
  • Measure your wall
  • Tape your wall
  • Start in a spot where you can use the full stencil (we started in the middle to ensure sides were even)
  • Tape up your stencil
  • Get paint on your roller (not too much as paint might run)
  • Ensure excess paint is off roller
  • Paint over stencil
  • Remove stencil
  • Use wet paper towel to remove any mistakes quickly
  • Repeat process

Why all the Fuss Triangle Wall Stencil Bedroom


I loved doing this so much! So much in fact that I have now taken it to the ceiling in my guest room! I can’t wait to reveal this room next, it is looking AWE-SOME! Thanks guys for checking in on Why All the Fuss today and if you have any recommendations or ideas for curtains, bedding or any other décor ideas for our bedroom, I would love to hear them!




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