Warby Parker Awakens the Spring Spirit with their New 2014 Collection

Hi Guys! Spring has sprung and what better time is there to refresh your look? Instead of a new hair cut, why not get some new specs to change things up a bit? That’s what I did!

Warby Parker is a company I can get behind. I want to support any business that makes every effort to do good in this world, while thinking and acting globally. For every pair of glasses bought, they donate a pair to those in need. Since its inception, Warby Parker has distributed over 500,000 eye glasses to those in need. Not only are they leaders in the ethics department, but they make a seriously cool and stylish product. If you haven’t heard of Warby Parker, I am thrilled to introduce them to you.

I was so excited to try on some new lovelies from WP. But since they don’t have many store fronts, including any here in Portland, I signed up for the home try on program. You get to select any 5 frames for 5 days to try on and they ship right to you, all for free, amazing right?! I was instantly drawn to some of their frames in their Spring Collection. Check out some of the frames for women and men:

Warby Parker Spring Collection

Warby Parker Women’s Spring Collection


Warby Parker Men's Spring Collection

Warby Parker Men’s Spring Collection


Cute right?! Well let me show you which ones I put in my little box of frames to try on:

So, which frame was my favorite? Drum roll please…..

Yup, it’s the Ripley! Aren’t they good? You want the look you say? Well, here are the details on what and where you can find my outfit:

Warby Parker Spring Collection Wardrobe


{ 1. Plaid Shirt  2. Pilcro Serif Legging Jean 3. Heeled Fisherman Boot 4. Are you Ready Lipstick 5. Quintessence Pendant 6. Ripley Frame }

Spring has arrived and I am so excited to be wearing some new frames! Have you Warby Parker’ed lately? Did you purchase a pair of frames through their website or what frames are your eyeing up these days?

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