DIY Valentine’s Card using Raisins

Hi Guys! So, as we are all aware from our daily news feed, this week is all about celebrating the beloved, or not so beloved, Valentine’s Day. Some of us love the holiday, while others run as far as possible from this day! But as a kid, you can’t help but love any holiday that involves treats and parties and all things red! Being a parent sort of means I am obligated to participate in the holiday and when I am given a list from her said school informing me of party dates, kids and teacher names, and the option to bring a snack to school, I really have no choice. With that, I think you might be reading between the lines on my feelings towards Valentine’s Day ;)

So, what to do when not really a cheerleader for Valentine’s Day? Look for others to inspire me of course! I scoured the web and pintrest to find some affordable, easy and healthier Valentine’s options. Amelia and I decided to give out Raisins to her little friends and teachers at school.  We (meaning me) wanted to be a bit unique and not give out the “standard” chocolate, while sharing a healthier, yet total kid friendly option. We found this option of using a play on words with Raisins on Homemaking Hacks. I was finally inspired to get my crafting on to do something similar!

Here is what I used:

Paper Source Gift Bag (we had this and repurposed)
Mini Sunmaid Rasin Boxes
Pen and Crayons

How it’s Made:

1) Cut the Bag and flatten out

WATF Valentine Craft

WATF Valentine’s Craft

2) Use the base of the bag (it’s harder cardstock or cardboard) and draw a heart pattern. I cut this out and used this pattern to trace 20 hearts on the bag.

DIY Valentine Project Raisin

WATF Valentine’s Craft

3) Amelia colored the hearts before I cut them out.

WATF Valentine's Craft

WATF Valentine’s Craft

4) Cut the Hearts out. Look Hubby is getting all crafty!

WATF Valentine's Craft

WATF Valentine’s Craft

6) Put holes in the middle of the Heart (I used my scissors, but only because we are still living out of boxes and I have no idea where my little hole puncher is).  I then wrote Amelia’s message, “There are so many RAISINS I like you”.

DIY Valentine Project Raisin

WATF Valentine’s Craft

7) Use twine and wrap heart around raisin box and tie in a bow.

Raisin Valentine's Card

WATF Valentine’s Craft

Voila! Easy Peasy!

WATF Valentine Raisin Craft

WATF Valentine Raisin Craft

I think they are adorable if I do say so myself :) Amelia was so excited to take these to school this morning and give them to her friends. I can’t wait to hear how her day went! So what are you making for Valentine’s Day this year? Are you a VDay fan? I wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day, if you like that sort of thing :)

3 thoughts on “DIY Valentine’s Card using Raisins

  1. OMG!!! Amazing!!!! If i hadn’t already purchased discounted vals in July…I’d totally be doing this!!! I plan to borrow this idea for future tho!! You ROCK!

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