ALT Summit 2014: Perspective from a Newbie and FAVES

Hey Guys! I just returned from the infamous ALT Summit in Salt Lake City last night. And man, am I ever tired! As a newbie on the blogging scene, I must admit it was a tad bit intimidating, but I pulled up my big girl pants, put on a smile, and just went into the experience being me.

The best piece of advice I can give to any newcomer, such as myself, just be true to yourself and let your instincts guide you. If that means you are the person that is a total extrovert and want to meet every single person that crosses your path, then awesome; go for it! But if you are like me, and your natural instinct is to retreat and hide in a corner, just remember, others are just as nervous as you. Put yourself out there just a little bit, and you will feel the reward. I met so many sweet people, and a couple not so sweet, but that’s OK, that is just the natural way of life. Sometimes you click, and sometimes you don’t.

After hours of scouring the ALT Flickr site, this is what I found for valid evidence of my attendance. I forewarn you, there is a whole lot of me below :)

Alt SLC 2014 Friday Mini Parties

Yes, folks, those are my legs! That is my amazing blue floral Nadinoo Anthropologie Dress with orange tights and green ankle boots. There in lies the proof, I was at ALT and as you can tell by my face plastered all over the Flickr pages, I nailed it!

Oh and if you look really closely on the Yellow ALT Board, you can see my Business Card! Aww…. yeah!

Alt SLC 2014 Friday Afternoon

Keep looking, you may have to squint a bit, but I swear it’s there!

I want to write loads about my experience, but honestly, I am still in the processing phase. I can say without a doubt, that if you are thinking about attending a summit in your future, do it! It will be worth every penny! The positives far out way the negatives, and I want to fully embrace those with you. So, stay tuned for my full disclosure of my personal experience.

But, before I go, I wanted to mention some of the nicest people I met on my trip to blogger’ville. These individuals not only have some kick ass blogs that you should read on a daily basis, but they are the nicest, salt of the earth kind of people that I could easily see myself sipping wine and having genuine conversations with.

ALT  Summit 2014 Faves

1. Alix and Dottie from Modern Kiddo
2. Amy Christie from this heart of mine
3. Allison Czarnecki from Petit Elefant
4. Heather Jennings from Poppy Haus
5. Heather Dempsey from Get Married
6. Kacie Geoffroy from Life with Lipstick On
7. Erin Shields from Every Avenue Blog
8. Chelsea Foy from Lovely Indeed

If you were there and I met you, it was lovely to meet you and thank you for being apart of my first ALT adventure! There will be more Why All the Fuss ALT recap to come, but for now, this mama needs to get some sleep and continue on with packing up our house!

2 thoughts on “ALT Summit 2014: Perspective from a Newbie and FAVES

    • Oh Heather… thanks for sitting next to me and not judging me to harshly as the tears just wouldn’t stop flowing! Babies, birthing and sad music while eating lunch, just about did me in! And at least my dress made it into the photo stream :)

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