Tiny Prints Business Cards – ALT Here I Come!

Hey Guys! So, the ALT summit is in… oh.. like 4 days! And yes, I am totally freaking out! I have been reading all of these lists of what to pack, how to handle the summit, what to wear, etc. And can I tell you, I think I am more freaked out than ever now! ha! I am going to be surrounded by some of the most amazing, creative human beings roaming this earth (that’s not remotely intimidating ;) ! But, regardless of my mini freak out sessions, I recognize that I am about to embark on an amazing journey and at the very least, I listened to some of those blogging lists and I got my business cards.

So, as you remember from my post last week, my husband was a photographing genius and took some really great shots of me for my cards. I debated and went back and forth on what service to use. Do I use a really amazing, super unique, yet comes with a hefty price tag option or do I go with the good ol’ fashion affordable, never let me down kind of paper experience?  And I had to listen to my economical, yet cute intuition and what it was telling me. It said, go for the cheaper one. But I don’t think I cut on cuteness by any means. So low and behold, here is what my Tiny Prints Business Card looks like.


Tiny Prints Front


Tiny Prints Back

I love them so much! Will others at the ALT Summit have this same card? Maybe. But, do I still love them? You bet I do! I mean I love that is says hello on the front… so cute! And the color scheme perfectly coordinates with my blog site. Will I head to the booth where a person evaluates our business cards at ALT summit (yes this does exist)? Maybe I will just to get some feedback, but ultimately, I love the look and I love the price tag!

So, what do your business cards look like? Did you design your own or use a service like Tiny Prints to help you create your cards? If you are heading to the Alt Summit, I hope to see you there, and perhaps we can swap cards?

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