Closing Documents Signed, it’s Official We’re Moving!

Hi Everyone! Today was both an exciting day and a sad day. We made the decision, well we have been making the decision for a very long time, to sell our home. This was the very first home we owned, the first home Milly will ever know, the home of many firsts. We have been in our house for over 4 years and since having nugget, it is has been challenging in terms of our layout. It’s 3 stories high with 18 foot ceilings on the bottom floor. It’s a gorgeous, urban feeling home. But, when you have an infant and toddler, traveling up those steps everyday really isn’t that much fun.

Let’s take a look at some photos of our home that our Real Estate Company, Urban Nest Realty (which is an amazing Real Estate team if you are in the Portland, OR area) had taken for us. It is amazing how we transformed our house from the first day we moved in. I wish I had some before photos to show you, because it is a serious transformation! These photos almost make me not want to move, almost :)

Here is the downstairs:

Brooklyn Town Home Downstairs 2

Brooklyn Town Home Downstairs


The Dining Room Area:

Brooklyn Town Home Downstairs Dining Area


The Kitchen:

Brooklyn Town Home Kitchen

Guest Room:

Brooklyn Town Home Guest Bedroom

Brooklyn Town Home Guest Bedroom 2

Master Bedroom:

Brooklyn Town Home Master Bedroom

Amelia’s Room:

Brooklyn Town Home Toddler Room

Brooklyn Town Home Toddler Room 2


Brooklyn Town Home Bathroom


Brooklyn Town Home Outside Patio

Brooklyn Town Home Outside Front

 Again, a big thanks to Realty Imaging for the fantastic pictures they took of our home, they really had a magical way of capturing the feeling of our beloved first home! We are feeling nostalgic, relieved and hopeful for our future! What was your experience leaving your first home?

6 thoughts on “Closing Documents Signed, it’s Official We’re Moving!

    • Thanks Kacie! I love it too, I am slightly sad to leave, but I am so excited for future decorating! And I can only imagine your apartment is FAB-U-LOUS already! Xo

  1. I’m so proud and happy to represent the Urban Nest Realty Team who took such good care of Brandon, Summer and Amelia during their sell and buy. They were dream clients and I look forward to seeing all the magic they create in their new home.

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