Neutral Pallette Living Room Inspiration

My hubby and I are toying with the idea of selling our home and moving to a new one. And with this dream, comes another dream. And what’s that dream you might ask? That dream is, how will I decorate my new living room? So, my wheels start spinning, my fingers start googling, my eyes start salivating, you know how it goes! And here are some items I might consider as potential suitors for our future living room.

{Heart of  Haiti Vases/ Square Table/ Claire Fabric SofaCuriosity Cat Art/ Zig Zag Rug/ Michael Graves Chair/ Shimmer Pillows}

I had to throw in some color, hence the amazing blue green couch, but when you have a neutral palate, you can bring in colors in so many ways. How do you use neutral tones? Are you a vibrant Veronica or a neutral Nancy type of decorater? I am looking forward to taking it down a notch in our next place and I couldn’t be more excited!

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