Let the good times roll in LO

Hope you guys have had an amazing weekend and your Sunday was a blast! Brandon was gone all week on a business trip to San Fran and I was SO looking forward to his return on Saturday. He came home late that night and we had a lovely catch up session and I told him we were invited over to his parents rental apartment for a Sunday night soiree. We were both up for it! His parents are in town for two months from Arizona and we only have another week to see them before they head back. So, with that notion of only a few remaining days, combined with the thought of not having to cook and I could just relax and allow others to help with the kiddo duties…(don’t act like you don’t think like this every once in a while ;), I was all about it.

Here are some snap shots of our evening out to the new brew pub in Lake Oswego called Stickmen Brewery and Skewery. They are also known for their skewers (hence their name) , but I opted for the never go wrong menu item, Fish tacos! The men had a tasting tray, while I nursed on a glass of Cabernet… yumm!

Stickmen Brewery

Stickmen Brewery

Milly is wearing her cool shades and coloring a masterpiece! Hope you had a lovely weekend! What did you do? Did you hang out with friends, family or solo?

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