Dude Needs a New Fall Wardrobe

It’s Mood Board Monday time! So, a really good guy friend has asked and sought out some guidance on some new duds. He has become super involved in running and has dropped a lot of LB’s. We were out to dinner on Saturday night and he asked me, “Summer, be honest, are my pants too droopy?” When someone has to ask this question, I think they already know the answer :)

So, in Why all the Fuss fashion, I have created a Wardrobe Mood Board for my sweet friend. I went to H&M for some inspiration and it’s also an affordable option for those wanting an update to their wardrobe. You’re welcome ;)

{Blue Eyeglass Frame/ Printed T-Shirt/ Navy Canvas Shoe/ Chimney Sweatshirt/ Henley Shirt/ Leather Shoes/ Padded Parka/ Rustic Plaid Shirt/ Slim Jeans/ Wool Cap}

Go out and get your Duds on Gentleman and happy Fall to you! Do you like these casual choices? What are you wearing as soon as the weather changes?

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