Feature Event Friday – Wendy and D’Ann’s Magical Redwood DIY Wedding

It’s Feature Event Friday and I have been giving you some sneak peaks of the wedding all week, but today is the ultimate reveal! I wanted to share with you the first installment of photos from the Redwoods.  We spent two weeks of celebrating and basking in the love of these two amazing women and this is a glimpse into the first part of it!

We spent a weekend in Crescent City, CA in a rental house from VRBO and headed to the Jedediah Smith State Park for the ceremony. Wendy and D’Ann found a tree that spoke to them and this is where the ceremony of love happened. It was a privilege and honor to be a part of the circle of loved ones that celebrated the commitment Wendy and D’Ann made to each other.

Congratulations Wendy and D’Ann! May you stay in wedding bliss as long as you can and our little Wick clan is so thrilled to have a new member join our family! Xo

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