Try it Thursday – Shutterfly Wedding Website

Hi Guys! Happy Try it Thursday! As Wendy and I were talking hours upon hours about wedding stuff, we came to the conclusion a wedding photo site was a necessity. She wanted to provide the opportunity for wedding guests to upload their personal photos and put them all in one place. There are so many options to choose from, such as snap fish, eversnap, wedpics, and the list could go on. But, our tried and true and main go-to photo site, shutterfly, won out in the end!

To create a shared photo site is simple. You create the name of your site and then choose from themes, colors, lay outs, and permissions on who can post. This really is an easy site to navigate and anyone with the link can upload their photos to your shared site. Wendy and D’Ann can then browse all the photos and select the ones they want to print. And the best part, your photos get shipped directly to you via the mail, how easy is that?

Shutterfly Photo Share Site

There you have it guys, so give shutterfly a try, you can also create a shared site for many other occasions, doesn’t have to solely be for weddings. What sites have you used for your wedding? Do you recommend any other site for brides to be?

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