Tasty Tuesday – Reception Yummy-ness!

Happy Tasty Tuesday my peeps! Today, I don’t have a recipe to share per say, but I wanted to share with you some info about the most amazing catering company here in Portland  that my sister in loves hired for their wedding, Devil’s Food Catering! If you are in the Portland area and looking for a catering company, you should seriously check out these guys because they are  ( A) amazing  human beings and look to personalize the experience, and (B) have the most creative and tasty food! Thank you Devils’ Food for your service, hospitability and delicious creations. You can check out a sample menu and let your imagination take hold on what you will serve at your next event.

Wendy and D’Ann chose to serve their guests a main dish of grilled salmon with roasted potatoes, haricot verts and walnuts, a corn slaw, and an iced wedge salad drizzled with organic blue cheese dressing. Most of their items are locally sourced and they utilize ingredients that are in season, can you say amaze-balls?!  Not only did they serve us dinner buffet style, but they also had staff buttlering cucumber gazpacho shots and a roasted sweet corn pizzetta as appetizers during the cocktail hour.  I was not alone in my culinary heaven, but every single person I talked to that  night raved about the quality of the food served and the overall dining experience! I know it sounds like I work for them or something, but the fact is, they are THAT good!  Devil’s Food Catering, you rule!

I can only hope that in all of your planning efforts you are able to find a catering company this good! What has been your catering experience? Who do you depend on and use as your go-to?

{Gazpacho Shot photo courtesy of Melinda Mudie DeVine – Thanks Girl!}

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