Try it Thursday – Get Into the Groove

I think I should start calling Try it Thursday, Tech Thursday, because I keep featuring Tech stuff! But today, I just can’t help it! It all started when we were looking for a new car. It appeared that most new cars of 2013 and 2014 come with Bluetooth installed. Well, we were not really in the market for a “new” car, but I couldn’t shake the idea of having blue tooth in my new “old” car.

So, what to do? Yup I googled it! I did a bit of research and discovered the GOgroove FlexSMART X2 FM radio transmitter that brings you Bluetooth through your radio and cigarette lighter! Holy cow is this the coolest gadget ever!

Go Groove Bluetooth Player

So, now I can listen to my Pandora, 8Tracks, Amazon Player, ITunes… whatever! I can also talk hands free through the device, which is something I have always wanted for safety purposes. Seriously guys, this thing is amazing and it’s easy! I have the older version, but there is a newer version on the market, I just preferred the look of this one. You literally just sync your Bluetooth device to the GOgroove, find a static station and tune both radio and GOgroove to same channel and voila!

If you don’t have this type of thing in your car yet, don’t wait, do it! I will never go back! ha! Do you use Bluetooth in your car? What devices are you using?

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