Event Friday – You were invited to a Hipster Wedding? OMG, What to Wear?

Hey Guys! It’s Feature Friday! I want to talk about something real here, and it’s serious and it can cause serious problems and that is….hipster weddings! The kind that Brooklynites plan from their stoops of their adorably cute Brownstones or Up and Coming Alt/Indie band members write songs about.  You know the ones, the ones that are either in the most amazing barns filled with doilies, haystacks and fiddle players or a loft space that is a secret to only artists in the know. Have you ever gone to a wedding of the coolest people in your rolodex (OK, who says that anymore;)  and then you freak out about what to wear?

Well, I have been there and just so you know, I went to that wedding and had a big epic wardrobe fail! I think because (1) I was pregnant and nothing seemed to work and (2) I seriously over thought this decision. So, I am here to rescue you and to take the brains out of the process! I outlined a couple of great choices for weddings ranging from a cocktail attire event in an art gallery to your hoe down, mason jar sipping party.

Before I reveal the fashion, I think it’s important to clarify that the less you look like you cared about your outfit, the better for a hipster wedding. The term hipster has many definitions, but for this purpose I will define it as a culture in which you take something old, repurpose it, and it magically transforms into something glam-i-licious! With that said, if you can’t find something from your local thrift shop (you will always want to start there, no self respecting hipster would go to Anthropologie as their first stop), these “new” items might do the trick. I think the colors red, black and navy are classic colors that are totally appropriate for a wedding. And stripes, polka dots, lace, flowers and collars… that just screams hipster!

1) Red Composition Dress from Anthropologie
2) Gatsby Paillettes Dress from Anthropologie
3) Blue Silk Dot Dress from Madewell
4) Chimala Chambray Farmers Dress from Madewell
5) Picolina Maxi Dress from Anthropologie
6) Retro Ribbon Midi Dress (with amazing nape keyhole in back) from Anthropologie
7) Summer Tulip Striped Dress from Anthropologie
8) Angie Collared Dress from Anthropologie

And a most important reminder,  Don’t Forget the Glasses! This is a key accessory to the overall look! And I also have a slight bias, since I am an avid glasses wearer myself :)

{Photos courtesy of blog.compete.com and on twitter.com @hipsterglasses}

Alright guys, there you have it! I hope you find this helpful, I sure wish a list like this was around when I was trying to coordinate my outfit for the hipster wedding we were invited to. What do you think, do you like my choices? Have you been invited to a hipster wedding? What are you going to wear?

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