WATF Wednesday – The Epic DIY Fail: The Striped Curtain Goes Terribly Wrong

Hey Guys! It’s WATF Wednesday and I thought I would share with you my epic DIY fail! Most posts out there focus on the endless beauty of a DIY project gone right. I am here to showcase that sometimes valued, good efforts, just end up as a big fat flop and go terribly wrong.

I have had a love affair with striped curtains for ages, but the price tag for these lovelies are astronomical! So, I did what any creative type does, I searched through pintrest for inspiration and read tutorials like this one: I Wanna Play Too!! {DIY Pained Striped Curtains} from Just a Girl and Her Blog. I mean if you look at her final product, it’s AMAZING! Who wouldn’t want something this lovely in their house? I was going to make this happen!

DIY Striped Curtains Just a Girl Blog

{Photo from Just a Girl and her Blog}

I went out and bought the affordable IKEA curtains, the fabric paint, the roller, the painters tape and I set off on a DIY adventure. Come along with me as I share with you all the lovely missteps of my personal DIY Striped Curtain Epic Failure adventure….

Let’s start from the beginning, just trying to lay one curtain panel out in my tiny living room proved to be a struggle. I had to measure the curtain and paint as I went because I couldn’t lay it all out at once. The cardboard boxes I used to block the paint from going through to my floors caused some issues due to the creases once they were unfolded. I would paint with my roller and the paint wouldn’t get on the fabric where the creases were.

Once the paint dried and I pulled the tape off, it was clear that it had bled. I thought OK, I guess I can deal with that and then I hung them and could see tiny spots where paint did not stick. I went back and used a brush to attempt to cover these holes, but it still didn’t work! I also accidently dripped paint on the white section as I was trying to do these touch ups. Oh and did I mention I ran out of fabric paint as I was going? I went back to the store to find out it was all sold out and had to make a special order. By the time I received the new paint, I had just succumb to the notion that this was not a DIY success for me. I had invested so much time (one curtain took me like 6 hours) and money that I just decided to throw in the towel.

Striped Curtain DIY Fail

I mean look at this picture? And I don’t think it’s actually showcasing the spots enough here, but oh man… Long story short, I had all good intentions, had a love for striped curtains, have a love for all things DIY, but this was just a project that wasn’t meant to be. Sometimes, DIY plans just don’t turn out as planned. But for all the epic fails I have, I would say I have like 9 seriously amazing projects work! Being creative means taking chances and putting yourself out there and sometimes you create beauty and other times, well, it just doesn’t turn out as you had envisioned it to be :)

Have you had any epic DIY fails? How did you handle it? Did you try again?

9 thoughts on “WATF Wednesday – The Epic DIY Fail: The Striped Curtain Goes Terribly Wrong

  1. Also sometimes DIY ends up being way more expensive than buying something new or already done. I had an endtable that I was going to lay tile for the top and it ended up costing around $60.00 and never getting completely finished. Sometimes it is completely worth it like when you repurpose things.

  2. Oh my goodness Miranda! That is so true! Sometimes the best intentions aren’t always the most economical ;) But, nevertheless, I will probably continue to make those, what seems to be cheaper and easy, mistakes! ha!

  3. Your photo doesn’t look so bad, but I guess maybe up close it’s worse than it looks. I have definitely been there! I mostly DIY because I am so particular about certain things (measurements, color, pattern, etc) that it’s just easier for me to make it than to spend a lifetime hunting for the perfect thing. One time, I spent a whole year looking for the pair of shoes that I had envisioned in my head. I would’ve made them if I knew how to make shoes. At least you know what NOT to do on your next project! ~M.

    • Oh my goodness that made me chuckle a little :) I hope you found your shoes! And yes I don’t think my photo does the failure justice. It’s a rainy day here, so the light isn’t shining through to showcase all of the not so glorious missed spots :) Thanks for sharing!

      • I DID find my shoes! I never gave up hope that I’d possess them one day. They’re still in my closet today (and that search happened more than five years ago).

  4. I was picturing it to look much worse! It really doesn’t look that bad! It was a pretty ambitious DIY too so I think congrats on doing as well as you did! I just had a DIY fail yesterday I was trying to spray paint a picture frame and I ran out of spray paint half way through so I thought “It’s okay it will cool with two different colors” so then on the other half I spray painted a completely different color and it looked terrible. So then I figured I had all these flowers left over from making flower crowns so I tried to cover up the paint by hot gluing a bunch of flowers on the frame… it looks terrible haha like a really cheesy Hawaiian frame. Then I tried to put a picture in it and I realized that I didn’t take out the glass while I was spray painting and I completely painted over the glass so you can’t even see a picture anymore!

    • Oh my goodness! One thing moved to the next! Ha! This ha me laughing out loud! Oh the woes of DIY! Thanks for sharing your story! And I swear the picture doesn’t quite do the fail justice ;) It’s not pretty! Ha!

  5. Oh no! I’m sorry it didn’t work out. I love that you shared your experience so that others can commiserate! I have definitely had plenty of major DIY fails before. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    ~Abby =)

    • Thank you for your kind words Abby! I wanted that DIY project to work so bad, but it just wasn’t in the cards for me. But I will never stop trying :)

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