Tasty Tuesday – Super Healthy and Easy Falafel Recipe

It’s Tasty Tuesday time! It was about 70 degrees here in Portland yesterday  (which is relatively warm for us Pacific NW peeps) and there is nothing I like more than a falafel and a glass of Chardonnay on a warm day. So, I decided that is just what we shall have. This recipe is SO easy and healthy, this is not your deep fried falafel, but a lighter, yet seriously yummy version.

Falafel Recipe

Ingredients for Falafel Balls:

1) 1 Can of Garbanzo Beans
2) 1 tbsp Olive Oil
3) 1/4 cup bread crumbs
4) 1 tbsp Cumin
5) Couple shakes of garlic salt
6) Dash of Salt and Pepper
7) Dash of Red Pepper flakes (optional, but we like a little heat)

How to prepare:

Pour garbanzo beans and other ingredients into a mixing bowl. Mush with your hands. If it is too moist add more bread crumbs, if too dry add some more olive oil. This is a recipe that can easily be modified to meet your needs. Once you have smashed most of your chick peas, and the consistency seems right then form into ball shapes. In a sautee pan add olive oil and sautee until brown on all sides.

Now what to serve with Falafel? How about some Cucumber Sauce?

Cucumber Sauce

Ingredients for Cucumber Sauce:

1) 16 oz. Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt
2) 2 Cloves of Garlic (OK, we like a lot of garlic, you can do less if you want :)
3) 1 small cucumber
4) Black Pepper

How to prepare:

Chop cucumber and garlic. Add yogurt and other ingredients to bowl and mix. Place in refrigerator until ready to serve. Easy as that!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Tasty Tuesday, I know I did! This version is healthier than your traditional falafel, but I think it tastes just as good! Do you eat falafel? What are your favorite foods on warm days?

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