Mood Board Monday – Women’s Anthro Fashion for the Summer

Hey there my blogger friends! So, since I work at Anthropologie, I spend most of my days looking at beautiful clothing, accessories and house wares. It’s torture sometimes, ha! But these are some gorgeous items I have found on my wish list for the changing temperature! Happy Mood Board Monday!

{photos courtesy of}

1. Drawstring Safari Dress
2. Sunsoaked Chambray Buttondown
3. Instructional Tote
4. Elizabeth Zebra Dress
5. Orange and White Waverly A-line Skirt
6. Sleeveless Chambray Shirt
7. AG Stevie Ankle Destroyed Jean
8. Ring True Top
9. Tulip Sailor Shorts
10. Itea Sky Blouse
11. Hillary Sandal
12. Flamingo Repeat Shift

As I examined my selection, it seems I have a soft spot for animal prints (zebras and flamingos in particular:). I have also been absolutely head over heals for elephant prints this summer! What about you? What are you looking to add to your wardrobe this summer?

3 thoughts on “Mood Board Monday – Women’s Anthro Fashion for the Summer

  1. I’m dying to add more Anthropolgie into my wardrobe, it’s so hard working around it all day and not buying anything! The Flamingo dress is way too cute, I love that so much. I’m also loving Elephants for this summer, Anthropologie has a necklace right now and I think It’ll be my next purchase.

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