Feature Friday – It’s a Dora Themed Birthday Party!

Hey Guys! It’s Feature Friday and nothing delights me more than to share with you some photos of our nugget’s special day. We decided to keep it a bit low key this year and really set a small budget for the party, because I may just have this tendency to over do it ;)

Amelia is obsessed with Dora, so it was a total no brainer that we would throw a Dora party for her 2nd birthday celebration. But, since adults like a good party too, we decided to have it be a Dora Fiesta, with a chicken taco bar and Cinco De Mayo margaritas served in mason jars and fun straws. Yay for adult fun!

Kid Birthday Cake

I didn’t want to shell out a lot of money for a personalized cake, so I scoured through pintrest and found some pretty great ideas. I decided to purchase a regular store bought round white cake. I purchased candy dots from the dollar store and placed them around the cake to match the colors of the party. I created a mini cake banner from left over Dora Invites and you can see more on how I did that on my WATF Wednesday Post. I then hung the cake banner with twine and used chop sticks and inserted at a slight angle into the cake.

I also made party favor bags out of paper lunch bags. I purchased small sized paper doilies and folded them in half. I placed two holes with my hole puncher, strung twine, added a circle Dora invite tag and there you have an easy party favor bag! Our little guests were treated to all things Dora, from activity books to bubbles.

Amelia had a blast with her Dora Bowling set and the adults enjoyed their margaritas and taco fare! I think it was a Fiesta hit! Do you do themes for your kids parties? Do you have big parties one year and a smaller one the next?

2 thoughts on “Feature Friday – It’s a Dora Themed Birthday Party!

  1. I love the little touches that made such an adorable and fun party!! What did you have in all those little bowls for the tacos? Looks so tasty and inviting? Different items for kids and adults?

  2. Hi Sharon! In all of those little bowls were fixings for the tacos. I made chicken with salsa in a crock pot and guests could choose a soft or hard taco. Then they could add all the fixings to their delight! And the kids and adults ate the same thing. I find this type of meal is both kid and adult friendly :)

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