Try it Thursday – Cut the Cord, Cable No More!

So, my husband is what some might view as slightly addicted, to the Game of Thrones. Not only has he devoured the books, but he lives for Sunday nights and knows when the beginning has shifted ever so slightly and it features a new city… I mean I never see that (If you watch the show you might have an idea of what I am referring to)! So, having an addict on my hands, we had to keep our cable until this season was over. We began talking about getting rid of our cable… oh like a year ago, that is how long it took GOT to get it together and air a new season! I did all I could in preparing for this moment. I researched options, purchased a Roku, became an Amazon Prime Member, looked into the cost of Hulu Plus, etc…. I am ready!

Roku Box

If you are anything like us, and you are waiting for the GOT to be over to cut the cord, the fist step is to figure out what box is right for you. Some are Apple people, others are Roku and others might look to the game boxes. I am in the Roku camp. Can I just say how much I love my Roku? I mean this past weekend when we went away for the weekend to an isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere, we had our Roku there. We plugged it into the TV and voila! We could rent movies or watch a Netflix movie right there on a stranger’s TV. And no, I don’t work for Roku, I seriously just think its that awesome and I am looking forward to the day when we are not paying Comcast like $200 a month to have HBO and this crazy bundle package that we had to get in order to get the best deal, or is it the best deal?!.  Did I also mention its the tiniest, lightest thing in the world? And I can have a remote on my iphone with the app… how cool is that? In finale, Roku for President!?


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