Sunday Fun-Day – Please Plant Me

It’s Sunday Fun-Day! What is more fun than plants, flowers and getting dirty?  Umm… not a whole lot! The whole process of planting is so fun from picking the ones that work for you and your home, getting your hands into the soil, wearing your cute garden gloves, watering and nurturing your plants, and sitting back over the summer months admiring the color and greenery you have surrounding you! And if you are lucky, you have been successful in harvesting some veggies!

I just had a little Earth Day party and purchased some pretty green plants to add some flair to the décor and they sadly are still in their small little plastic containers they came in. They are screaming at me to get them in a pot and let them be free outside! This is what I will be doing today, freeing my plants!

Please Plant Me

I hope you are getting outside today doing some planting or admiring a little green space on the eve of Earth Day! Get out and get earthy peeps! Happy Sunday Fun-Day!

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