WATF Wednesday – Chalkboard Door

I know I know, the chalkboard has been seen and done everywhere, but not this one! Amelia is two and she is really into coloring and using chalk right now, so we decided to make a chalkboard just for her, and one for us of course :)


How we did it:
We measured out the sizes we wanted our 2 chalkboards to be. I went to Lowe’s and purchased Chalkboard Spray Paint, Painters Tape, Ornamental Crown Molding and Cheap Base Board. We spent around $50! I had the Lowe’s team cut the base board into the sizes we needed. Surprisingly, they couldn’t cut the pieces in an angle, so my hubby had to hand saw them to our delight once I brought them home.

We spray painted the base boards with a satin black spray paint. We outlined our chalkboard on the door with pencil and placed painters tape around the edge. Brandon, my hubby, then spray painted with chalkboard paint. We removed the tape and then wood glued the base board to the door. We placed big books on top of the base boards over night. Next day the books were removed, door re-hung and we were in business! We didn’t do anything cool with the actual chalk, we just used a small mason jar and placed chalk in it next to the board, but Milly seems to do just fine with the less than perfect chalk holder.

We can now showcase what’s on tap for our weekly meals, along with Milly’s amazing artwork! Get out and WATF people! This one is a great weekend project!

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