Stamp Your Way into Someone’s Heart

It’s that time! Try it Thursday!

So, today I wanted to show you some personalized thank you notes for my ebay customers. My daughter is almost two and she grows out of clothes so quickly, that I decided when she is done with them, I will put them up for auction on ebay! I was shocked to see all the bidding happen on her cute little clothes, but it makes sense, because we all know kids grow so fast! When packaging the clothes, I decided to personalize things a bit with my own thank you cards. I have received great reviews from my winning bidders on how much they loved the personalized touch! Without further ado, here is a snap shot of one of my cards:


These stamps hail from one of my most favorite spots, Paper Source. I used Cardstock Paper and stamped to my heart’s content and wrote a little message to each winner thanking them for their purchase! So, if you are thinking of selling on ebay, I would highly recommend taking a little extra time to add a little flair to your package, while knocking it out of the park with your reviews! Get out and get stamping!

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