What to Gift that New York Friend? All things Portland Cool of Course!

A couple of weeks ago, I was provided the opportunity to put together a gift bag for our Schoolhouse Electric colleagues in New York City. We were hosting our Fall Launch party in our Tribeca store and wanted to bring a little bit of Portland … Continue reading

Cute Things to put Inside your Cute Utility Bag

At work today we were given a fun opportunity to pick out our favorite bag and discuss what we would have inside our beloved bag. And can I say, this was some serious fun, I mean is this work? For those … Continue reading

What To Do With That Cool Built In That Is Super Shallow and Seems To Have Zero Purpose

Hi guys! So, this past week, I was finally fed up with looking at this empty built in that is in our dining room. It’s an original built in from 1954 and as cool as it is with it’s 4 shelf storage, it’s … Continue reading

Men’s 2014 Fall Fashion Picks on a Budget: Get the Look!

Hi Everyone! I keep hearing jokes about my season coming to an end (if this is your first visit to my blog, a little hint: my name is Summer), and I politely chuckle as each person seems to think they … Continue reading

I Fancy That: IKEA Mirror Makeover

Hi Guys! So, I think you all know that I am now working for the amazing lifestyle and lighting company called Schoolhouse Electric and all day I stand around looking at the most beautiful things. I swoon and gawk and … Continue reading

What to Wear on that Very First Day of a New Job: Casual Cool

Hi Guys! So, I have been going through some changes here the last couple of weeks (hence for my total lack of updates). Both the hubby and I are in the midst of some change. For me, I decided to … Continue reading